Getting your shit together and other things I haven’t done yet

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now, not because I’m particularly interesting, or have anything knowledgeable to share, just solely because I enjoy writing (insert geek emoji here).

When I imagined my life as an “adult”, I certainly never imagined having no solid career, sharing a 2 bed flat in London between 3 and having zero savings at the age of 26. Ah yes, 26, or “Twenty Sexy”, as it has since been renamed by my friend Sarah.

Twenty Sexy is a great term that slightly helps to ease the pain of being another step closer to 30 and no clue what I’m doing with my life. Although, to be fair, I don’t think it really had too much of an effect on me when I spent the bones of about 30 seconds thinking “Shit…what am I even doing?!” followed by pouring myself a large vodka at home before going out to celebrate.

Pre-drinks; a standard for the mature, twenty sexy adult.

I look at people my age, or even younger, following solid career paths they had mapped out before they even left school and saving for a deposit for a house with their other halves. The odd time I do panic when yet another engagement or baby announcement comes up on my Facebook newsfeed. I think about how in a few years time, when everyone’s already happily matched up and my ovaries have shrivelled up and turned to dust, I’ll be making announcements about getting a new cat. How exciting. 

Then I think about myself and if I was in that position. I’d probably never have left home, I’d probably have the same boyfriend for the last 10 years and I’d probably be very happy to settle down right now with no desire to do anything else, all of which is absolutely fine and also definitely not me.

I’m not really a plan girl. Plans follow a path; you know where you’re going and how to get there. I’m more into ideas. Ideas are different; you think you know where you want to go but as you move towards it, you sometimes spot a better opportunity and your ideas evolve into something new and unexpected. Plans are too regimented for me, and maybe that’s my downfall but it keeps things exciting.

I’ve probably come across as somebody with zero prospects so far, but fear not, the plot does thicken. I enjoyed university so much I went 3 times – Van Wilder ain’t got nothing on me! I have a masters in marketing and a teaching qualification which are both very different but now I always have options. Also, because I’ve tried both, I kow that I enjoy marketing and wish to pursue that further rather than teaching which I didn’t have the same passion for. I’d hate to have my “plan” and dislike what I’m doing but stick it out anyway. We only have one life, why waste it doing something that’s not enjoyable. As awful as this sounds ~ * YOLO * ~ Twenty sexy’s can be down with the kids too, you know.

Your twenties are a time when you feel like you’re transitioning from “broke university student” to “mature adult who knows what they’re doing” and that pressure can be extremely daunting. For those who have their plans mastered, and are happily settled – fair play, you have the life we are all striving to live at some stage. For those that don’t, no need to panic, your twenties serve a different purpose. Your twenties are a chance to do the things that you want to do, a period in your life where you have the opportunity to explore. You can test out different jobs, travel the world, move half way across the world if you want to, stay out and drink on a school night, eat breakfast for dinner and even splurge on an expensive bag you know you could never justify once family life kicks in.

Your twenties are potentially one of the greatest periods of your life; you don’t need to have your shit together.